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The dining experience at Omakase Room by Mitsu is built around a relationship of trust and spontaneity between the Chef and each diner. Before crafting his omakase, Chef Mitsu welcomes each guest with a brief conversation about their preferences and curiosities while he carefully perceives their mood and desires. He embraces guests’ presence, greeting with sincere eye contact while handing out freshly prepared hand roll, to begin the meal. Chef’s curated omakase offerings change often, highlighting a diversity of seasons, ingredients, and the range of textures.


Omakase Room by Mitsu is housed in a serene subterranean space nestled in the busy hum of West Village. It evokes Japanese minimalist traditions by its organic shapes and refined essentials, to create harmony and peace amidst the pace of the city. Featuring floor-to-ceiling soft bamboo surfaces, the 8-seat hinoki wood bar wraps around the kitchen allowing Chef Mitsu to serve from his hand to the plate. Physical closeness between the chef and guest creates a beautiful communion, as sushi is prepared and consumed in immediate succession.


The innate spirit of Omakase Room emerges from the atmosphere of a classic Japanese home. Merging long tradition and 30 years of culinary experience, Chef Mitsu’s style represents an evolved authenticity. He brings the century-old practices from his hometown of Osaka, where he founded and operated a kaiseki-style restaurant, to the warm and inviting atmosphere of Omakase Room. The chef always carefully documents diners’ responses to fine-tune and improve his understanding of their preferences and impressions.