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Chef Shin Yamaoka

Shin Yamaoka's culinary journey commenced in Gifu, Japan, where he began his professional career at the esteemed Mos Burger at just 16 years old. In the early 90s, he brought his talents to the vibrant food culture of New York City. Under the guidance of master Tadao Mikami, Shin honed his skills and developed a profound appreciation for Japanese cuisine.

Chef Shin has always been drawn to omakase-style dining, finding joy in crafting a distinctive menu. Throughout his career spanning over three decades, Shin has collaborated with renowned figures such as the late David Bouley, further refining his skills and broadening his horizons. Inspired by the cultural mosaic of New York City, Shin embraces the metropolis as an exciting and diverse culinary landscape, which becomes the foundation for his departure from tradition. While he seamlessly integrates various influences into his menus, each dish Chef Shin serves is a testament to his commitment to authenticity and innovation.

At Omakase Room by Shin, his dedication to excellence shines through meticulously crafted menus that showcase seasonal delicacies. Chef Shin strives to deliver an authentic and exquisite omakase experience, utilizing the freshest ingredients and fostering interactive engagement with guests. Through his unwavering commitment to sourcing premium ingredients, innovative menu creations, and a profound passion for Japanese cuisine, Shin Yamaoka has earned acclaim as a culinary luminary, captivating palates with each dish he presents.